Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Crazy Month

December was one busy month for me. I learned that I can't run faster than I'm able, no matter how hard I try. Nevertheless we had some good times too. Here is what happened to us in December:

Mary Emma discovered markers.

It snowed . . . a lot!

Snow surfing on the driveway.

Mary loves talking to daddy.

Sarah (Jacob's sister) came to spend Christmas with us. I am so glad she came, I had no idea how much I would need that break. Despite the snow, ice, and the cold we still made our traditional Christmas Eve hike. (It's really the only way we can get the kids to go to sleep).
Camilla is showing off her hill climbing skills.

Our nativity.

Camilla as Glinda the good witch. Thanks to daddy for the present.

Hyrum using his new "dig truck" from santa to dig out into the backyard. (We got more snow Christmas Eve.)

No way we can get the wagon from santa into the backyard, and so eveyone gets a ride in the house.

Sledding with Sarah the day after Christmas.

Mary Emma hates her new chair from Santa.

Mary Emma refuses to be pleasant enough to get her picture taken in her Christmas dress.

Mary Emma still not cooperating, but three beautiful children regardless.