Sunday, August 28, 2011


Every time we go to the farm store the kids always beg for overalls. Knowing they don't have enough pants for winter finally made me cave.

We went on an 8 mile bike ride in Manhattan a few weeks ago. The weather was nice due to the rain the night before, but that also meant mud and muddy puddles too tempting for a five and seven year old.

Camilla and Mary Emma and I went to the library's American Girl Tea Party. We had a good time.
This past Tuesday we went into Topeka to visit some museums. First stop was the art museum to see the Lego exhibit. We took a picture of the traffic light just for grandpa.

Next we went to the Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site for a couple more Junior Ranger Badges. I am always amazed when I go there how evil people can truly be, and how braves others are in the face of discrimination.