Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Wow, life has been crazy for me ever since December. We have had straight sickness at my house all winter; nothing serious just keep catching stuff going around. The same has been true for the rest my ward, however, so I really can't complain too loudly. Anyway, here's my update.
This gymnastics place in Manhattan has open gym every Friday. To beat the winter stir crazies, we went one Friday in February and checked it out.
The kids had so much fun they are still talking about it.
Camilla started taking bowling lessons with the Ft. Riley Homeschool Group. I thought it would be good exposure to the sport for her, but she actually got pretty good for a six year old.
Lately homeschool has meant practicing the culinary arts along with curriculum. Camilla loved making peanut butter to help her learn about halves and doubles. (2 peanuts in a shell, halve the cracker and spread pb on it)
Hyrum made muffins just like the muffin man.
Kids N Power Field Trip:
Camilla and Hyrum went on a field trip with the Homeschool Group to a Judo studio for a Kids N Power presentation. They learned basic self defense and rules for keeping safe.

Jacob has been doing well. At the begining of the month he participated in the Red Cross 5K run with his platoon.
Hyrum made jam as part of his curriculum this month. As you can tell he really enjoyed this activity.
We went on another field trip with the Homeschool Group, this time to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson (2 hours away). We were able to see an IMAX presentation, a live presentation on rockets (exploding things was a big hit with Hyrum), and a planetarium presentation. We also toured the museum. It was great to see Camilla get as excited about space as I do.

St. Patty's Day:
On Wednesday we had a Saint Patrick's Day party with our friends. Here is our fruit rainbow.
Master's Degree:
Exciting news this week. Jacob finally finished his Master's Degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. He couldn't be happier to finally be done.
On Thursday we went to the zoo with our friends.

Welcome Spring:
On Saturday morning we awoke to winter rearing his ugly head one last time (I hope).

And so we are happy to be done with winter and ready for spring. We are also looking forward to Jacob coming home for R & R in just a couple of weeks.