Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bugs, Birds, Nutcrackers, Teeth, Easter Dresses, and The Declaration of Independance

Here is what we have been up to for the last couple of months.

In March we went to the Insect Zoo at K State.
I took this one for you Jeanette.
Also in March, we went to Nebraska to see the annual migration of the Sand Hill Cranes. I was really excited but it turned out kind of lame. We were misinformed and missed being able to see the cranes up close, and we didn't bring binoculars either.

We did see some cool things though, like this beaver.

Mom, when we stopped to get gas on the way home from the temple a couple of weeks ago, we had to stop and take a picture. The midwest sure can be interesting.
It finally happened, Hyrum lost his first tooth. I told Jacob to not take his picture in front of the bathtub, but as you can see Barbie made it into the picture too.
Easter Dresses! For all the headache Mary Emma's dress gave me and the minor issues with Camilla's dress, they both turned out really cute. Hyrum is dashing in his new suit too.
We took a quick trip this week to President Eisenhower's Museum in Abilene to see The Declaration of Independence. It obviously wasn't the original copy, but was one of the first 200 copies made . You might remember the story of the guy who found it behind a painting he bought at the thrift store. This was that copy. It was really cool and was only here for a couple of days so we rushed over to see it after school this week. We couldn't take a picture of it, and so after the kids declared their independence on the wall outside (we all wrote our names on the posters they are standing by) we took a picture of that.